Google Chrome’s Missing Incognito Mode In Windows 10

Some of you guys may have this issue that they have the missing incognito mode in Google Chrome. Well, this happened to me too and guess what I was able to get it back also. I know this can be annoying because the time you wanted that feature, it was not there and can waste your precious time also.

When it comes to incognito mode, it does its job in a pretty amazing way. It actually helps in protecting your privacy and disable all the extensions in your Chrome browser. However, if it’s missing from your browser, you don’t have to panic at all.

In this guide, I’ll show you guys how to get that missing incognito mode back in Google Chrome.

How to get back Missing Incognito Mode in Google Chrome

Below are the best practices with the help of which you can able to get back missing incognito mode in your Google Chrome.

Method 1: Use Registry Editor (Windows 10)

By mentioning Windows 10, it means that this method is only for the Windows users. Follow the steps given below:

  • Start your PC and when the Windows 10 loads successfully, then click on ‘Start’ icon.
  • Start typing ‘Regedit‘ command and press ‘Enter‘ key from the keyboard.

Missing Incognito Mode

  • When you are inside ‘Registry Editor‘, you’ll see the side menu from where you can navigate to certain path and folders.
  • Click on ‘HKEY_Local_Machine‘ and you’ll see more options in the drop-down menu.
  • Click on ‘SOFTWARE‘ then look for ‘Policies‘ key.
  • After that, find ‘Google‘ and double-click on it. Then, you’ll see ‘Chrome‘. Click on ‘Chrome‘.

Note: If the folders ‘Google‘ and ‘Chrome‘ are not present in the ‘Policies‘ folder, then you have to create these two key folders as shown below.

Path For Missing Incognito Mode In Google Chrome

  • To create a folder (key), you have to right-click on ‘Policies‘ and then choose ‘New > Key‘.
  • Now, name it ‘Google’ then do the same thing for ‘Chrome‘ also. Right-click on ‘Google‘ then choose ‘New > Key‘. Name it ‘Chrome‘.

Or, copy-paste this (HKEY_Local_Machine\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome) path directly on the path field given at the top and press ‘Enter’ key. It will let you directly jump to the section we are looking for right now.

Path For Google Chrome In Policies - Missing Incognito Mode

If there will be no such folders as Google and Chrome, then you have to follow the previous steps to create those first.

  • There might be a file there with name ‘IncognitoModeAvailability‘. Or you may have to make one by the same name.
  • For making a file, right-click in the empty area and go to ‘New > DWORD (32-bit value)‘.

Missing Incognito Mode in Google Chrome

  • Name it ‘IncognitoModeAvailability‘. Right-click on it and select ‘Modify‘. Set the value to ‘0‘ if you want incognito mode, or set value to ‘1‘ if you don’t want incognito mode.
  • After that, you have to restart your computer.

When you’ll start your Google Chrome browser now, you’ll see that the missing incognito mode is back now. If not, then follow the next steps.

Method 2: Use Google Chrome’s Cleanup Tool

The fault in your Google Chrome may be due to any malicious file installed by you recently. That malicious file could be an extension, Chrome app or any downloaded file. Well, Chrome has its own cleanup tool which can help you in finding what the problem is. Follow the steps given below:

  • Open up Chrome and in the new tab, type “chrome://settings/cleanup“.
  • Press the ‘Enter’ key from your keyboard.
  • Under ‘Clean your computer’, there will be a section ‘Find and remove harmful software‘.

Cleanup Tool In Google Chrome - Missing Chrome Incognito Mode - Missing Incognito Mode

  • Click on ‘Find‘ button and it will start looking for harmful software in your PC.
  • When complete, if there is any malicious file or harmful software then click on ‘Remove‘ button.

Method 3: Remove Account From Microsoft Family

If your Chrome incognito mode is missing, the reason could you’ve been added in the Family feature. This feature allows others/adults to control the features of your computer. You don’t want that right? Follow the steps given below:

  • Search for ‘Settings‘ app in the start menu and hit the ‘Enter‘ key.
  • In settings app, click on ‘Accounts > Family & other people‘.
  • Click on ‘Manage family settings online‘ link, if you are signed in with your Microsoft account.

Manage Family Settings Online - Missing Incognito Mode in Google Chrome

  • Or directly, visit the ‘Family Page Here‘.
  • Click on ‘Leave Family‘ link under your name.
  • In last, click on ‘Remove‘ button. Restart your PC.

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  1. when i hover over the chrome icon in the task bar and right click a banner with a list comes up. in the banner is open in incognito. that button has gone away for no reason i can see. i did the cleanup tool and it found nothing.

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