Network Error Login Failed PUBG Emulator Fix [100% Working]

Looking for Network Error Login Failed PUBG Emulator Fix? In this guide, we’ll show you how you can fix network login failed error in PUBG Emulator.

Recently, many players have been suffering from the network error login failed error. This error occurs commonly in the PUBG emulator. The issue may be due to network problems or server problems. Here, we will show you how to solve the login failed of a network issue in the PUBG Emulator.

How To Fix Network Error Login Failed Issue of PUBG Emulator

Below are the two methods to fix this issue. Read the step by step instruction carefully:

Method 1: Clearing Data and Cache

This method generally works for everyone. Clearing the data and cache can help get rid of the junk files that are interfering with the network. Follow the below steps.

  • Open the PUBG Emulator.
  • Exit the game to enter the homepage of the emulator.
  • Press “F9” to display the options.
  • Navigate to “Settings” and open it.
  • Under “Settings”, find and select the option “Apps”.
  • By clicking “Apps”, it will show you all the apps that are present in the emulator. Click on PUBG.
  • Click on “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” to clear all the files.
  • Restart the Emulator.
  • Now, PUBG should be void of the “Network Error Login Failed” error and can be played again.

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Method 2: Using a VPN

The error could also be caused by anomalies in your network settings. In order to fix the bug, you’ll need to install a VPN to fix the network error.

  • Open Play Store or the App Store and download a trustworthy VPN app. I recommend Opera Free VPN, TurboVPN and NordVPN.
  • Once the VPN has finished downloading, open the app.
  • Choose a location outside of your home country.
  • Press the circle button in the app that says “Connect”.
  • You’ll be now connected to a VPN in the location you have chosen.
  • Open the PUBG Emulator and you’ll be able to play again.

Also, make sure that your internet connection is stable and working without any issues. If the above methods do not work, then restart your WiFi or restart your device.

Hope our guide on how to fix the Network Error Login Failed PUBG Emulator blunder has helped you in clearing up the issue. Feel free to comment below in the comment section if you have any problems/suggestions.


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