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Nokia 9 With Five Cameras On The Back: Leaked Images

HMD seems to be working on an amazing camera line-up for one of their future Android phones. The Leaked design images, sketches hint that soon we will be able to see a Nokia Phone With Five Cameras. Which is expected to have five cameras at the back. The Penta-lens setup has first appeared in the rumors about a Nokia 10 device earlier this year, and now a photo has been leaked of the handset.

As per the rumored image, the camera module now includes a Nokia 9 With Five Cameras that are arranged in a hexagon shape, with the prominent Zeiss branding as always. HMD Global Is now the Finnish company that has now licensed the rights to produce Nokia phones. Teamed up with its old camera partner Zeiss last year to reunite the Nokia and Zeiss brand once again to dominate the Android era. HMD has started to use Zeiss lenses in most of it’s latest Android handset. And the lens maker has recently patented a miniaturized zoom camera system that looks exactly like the one in the leaked image. The image is of a Nokia Phone With Five Cameras.

Nokia 9 With Five Cameras

Nokia 9 With Five Cameras On The Back:

Although It’s not clear from the leaked images alone that this Nokia 9 With Five Cameras setup would be used for on the upcoming device or not. Well, Huawei launched its P20 Pro earlier this year with three rear cameras. Which support 3x optical zoom or 5x hybrid zoom. LG is also rumored to be considering five cameras (3+2) for its next flagship phone. Five camera sensors could certainly assist in any zoom capability, but they’re likely to do far more than just that.

Now the camera has become the main focus in the smartphone industry and manufacturers are looking for the new and innovative way. To develop the camera’s on their phone and to come up with a unique camera setup. Nokia has a long history of camera work, dating back to the 808 Preview and Lumia 1020 cameras. Even the Nokia N-Series Phones like the N82, etc. and more recently with the company’s Ozo VR camera. And now there’s a rumor of Nokia 9 With Five Cameras.

Nokia 9

Recently HMD acquired the PureView brand that was previously owned by Microsoft. So we could be expecting to see a new Nokia PureView phone soon. It doesn’t mean that we’ll see the same image sampling technologies from the 808 or Lumia 1020 once again!, as most of Nokia’s talented PureView engineers left the company when Microsoft acquired Nokia’s phone business and killed it off. Apple even hired Nokia’s Lumia photography expert. Still, if a Nokia-branded phone with five cameras is genuine. It could be an interesting entry into the competitive smartphone market.


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