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How To Use Widgetsmith App on iPhone [Step-By-Step Guide]

“Learn the use of new Widgetsmith app on iPhone with our step-by-step guide.”

iOS 14 is the 14th and the newest update of the iOS mobile OS developed by Apple Incorporated for their iPhone and iPod devices. iOS was announced at the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference on 22nd June 2020 as an upgrade to iOS 13 and iOS 14 was finally released on 16th September 2020.

iOS 14 comes with a buttload of new features like a new widget feature and app list feature.

The all-new widget feature for iPhone home Screen in iOS 14 is unquestionably the best feature yet. These widgets on iOS 14 home screen will surely increase the functionality and looks of the iPhone home screen.

People are going crazy over all the styles widgets and apps can be arranged on their iPhone home screens beautifully using the uniquely sized widgets.

Yet there is something more after Apple released the big iOS 14 release news with just a single day’s intimation, a lot of app developers developed their mobile apps out in time. One of these apps that have received massively popular is Widgetsmith.

If you have been surfing social media for inspiration for your iPhone home screen, unquestionably you have crossed paths with Widgetsmith at some point. So now everyone wants to change their iPhone home aesthetics too. In this article, we will tell you:

How You Can Use Widgetsmith App On iPhone? [Step-By-Step Guide]

  • Custom Widgets
  • Create a Widget
  • Add Widget to Home Screen
  • Time Widgets
How to use widgetsmith app on iPhone

1. How To Use Widgetsmith For Custom Widgets?

For making new widgets on the app just follow the given steps:

  • First, visit the Apple App Store.
  • Search the Widgetsmith and then install the app on your iPhone.
  • After installing the app open it.
  • To create a widget with Widgetsmith app, you have to follow these two steps.
  • First, you will need to create and then customize the widget you want from the app.
  • Then add your created widget to your Home Screen.

2. How To Create A Widget In Widgetsmith App?

  • First, you need to open the Widgetsmith app.
  • The Widgets tab on the app will open.
  • Apple allows you to add to your Home Screen three different sizes of widgets and users are able to create an all the three kinds of sizes: small, medium and large widget in Widgetsmith too.

Follow the given below steps to create a home screen widget:

  • Select the ‘Add Small Widget‘ option on the Widgetsmith app under the provided Small widget option.
  • A Small widget will be created. Select the widget and then open and customize it.
  • By default, the date widget will be selected on the app.
  • Select the Default Widget option.
  • The Style option will open.
  • Scroll up and below to select your favourite style from a variety of of the other styles from Health & Activity, Calendar, Time Astronomy or Reminders.
  • Users who have Premium subscription also have the option to access Weather & Tide Widgets.
  • On a Custom category widget, users are able to add photos and texts as a Widget.
  • Users can learn how to add a single photo from photos as a widget from Apple.
  • After users select the desired widget style, they also have the option to customize the background colour, text colour (tint colour), and font for their Widget.
  • One by one, select the options so that the customizable screen shows up for each and every design of your widget.
  • After the design is complete, select the Small #2 label on the left corner on the top of the screen to move out from the customizing screen.
  • Users also have the choice to rename the widget of their liking.
  • Then, select the Save option on the right corner of the top of the screen.

This is how we create a custom widget on Widgetsmith app. Follow the given steps to add these widgets on your home screen.

3. How To Add Created Widget To Home Screen?

  • In order to add the created widget on your iPhone Home screen, enter the edit screen mode by selecting and holding any app on the home screen, a widget, or anywhere on the empty screen.
  • Then, select the Add widget button represented by (+ icon) on the upper left corner of your iPhone screen.
  • After the widget gallery opens, scroll down to find Widgetsmith from the given list of widgets.
  • Use the search bar to find Widgetsmith quickly.
  • According to the type of widget created by the user in the Widgetsmith, select the widget size from the preview options, swipe to find large or medium widgets.
  • Now, select the ‘Add widget‘.
  • Users only need to have the size of their choice on their iPhone home screen before selecting add widget option to choose it.
  • Now a small widget is created a small in the app, users have to add that small widget to the screen.
  • They will have to choose the widget that resembles the size of their created.
  • A small widget will be added on your iPhone Home screen, but this will be blank.
  • Select and hold the widget till the quick actions menu appears on your screen
  • Then select ‘Edit Widget‘ from the options.
  • The complete list of all the small widgets in the Widgetsmith app will show.
  • Select the widget of your choice;
  • In the given scenario, the ‘Small #2‘ widget.
  • The created widget will now appear on your Apple iPhone Home Screen.

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4. How To Use Widgetsmith For Timed Widgets?

The best feature of Widgetsmith is the timed widgets. No matter iOS 14 update has the new smart stacks feature that uses the in-device algorithm to present users with separate widgets at different times, They absolutely have no control over them.

The timed widgets in Widgetsmith gives the users the freedom to change that.

By using timed widgets on widsmith, users have the choice to determine what widget will show when on their iPhone home screen. It is really a fantastic method to save space on their iPhone because widgets take a lot of space on Home Screen of the iPhone.

  • After you have created and customized the widget,
  • Select the Add a Timed Widget option just below Default Widget section to create a time scheduled widget.
  • The time selector clock will pop up so that users can choose the time for their created widget.
  • Move the highlighted time cursors to the time of your choice to which you want the widget to be scheduled.
  • By default, the window to select the time will be only for a couple of hours. But users have the choice to can increase or decrease the time.
  • To change the time duration, select and move an arm of the highlighted cursor and then stop at the desired time.
  • Users can also schedule the created widget several times during the whole day.
  • After selecting the schedule, select the + icon.
  • A second-time window will open in front of you.
  • Move and drop it to the desired time that you want to schedule the created widget.
  • After you have successfully set the time, select the Save option on the upper corner of the right side of the screen to save all the changes made to the widget.
  • One thing to keep in mind is all the created timed widgets require a regular and active non-time widget on the iPhone Home so that when the time comes, it can replace it. Timed widgets cannot come and go on iPhone Home Screen just like that.
  • For example, if a user has a scheduled small timed widget, there must be another small non-time permanent widget from the Widgetsmith app on their iPhone Home screen.

We sincerely hope that the information mentioned above is informative on How to use Widgetsmith app on iPhone, how to create a custom widget and how we can insert it on your iPhone homes screen.


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