5 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Searching Anything On Internet

Searching the needy content is bit tough job and with the aid of Chrome extensions, the searching becomes easy as compared to traditional search engines. With these best Google Chrome extensions for Searching, searching becomes faster, isn’t it cool? Let’s us get into that.

List Of Best Google Chrome Extensions For Searching

Ecosia – The Search Engine That Plant Trees

Ecosia - Best Google Chrome Extensions For Searching

This extension is something from others because whenever we search something in the new tab we can plant trees. This is a default search engine for chrome which allows you to search directly from the browser. One can customize the tabs. And to add point this extension helps the environment for free just by searching. This is said as one of the Best Google Chrome extensions for Searching.

Search Encrypt- The Private Search Engine

Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt is basically a search engine that maintains the privacy of the users while searching for anything on the internet. This search engine earns revenue from the ads that have displayed on the top of the search results.

TinEye Reverse Image Search

Tiny Eye

This TinEye extension is the official Chrome extension. With this one can find from where the image has generated, how it has used and try to find any higher version resolution.

TinEye is the first search engine in identifying the image on the web using the technology. No need of keywords, metadata or watermark. Just with the image, the extension starts analysis and generate fingerprints. And at the end, comparative study and the results are displayed.

Search By Image (By Google)

Search by Image (by Google)

As you go by the name the Google search with the help of images on the web. If you found an image and if it makes you more curious search by images and gets more information about the picture in a clear description. And you can also discovery places and landmarks.

Just by a right click on the image and selecting search by image by google you can surf the needed information. It shows all the possible outcomes and you can select as your wish.

Reverso Translate The Context

Reverso Translate The Context -  Best Google Chrome Extensions For Searching

This is one of the important tools. Everyone needs some extension just like this as the features are quite fascinating. One can translate the content of their web page ( which includes PDF documents, Netflix & Prime video subtitles ) and improve their skills as it serves with multiple languages like Spanish, Russian, Italian and 8 other languages.

Just by a click of the word, one can get the translated word. Your history is saved automatically and with the aid of it, one can find their favourite word and expression. This kind of practice will enrich your knowledge and vocabulary skills and practising using Reverso tools.

Other features of this extension:-

  • It can translate the entire text
  • Checks spelling
  • Checks Grammar
  • Can access a dictionary and other Reverso tools
  • Languages available – Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, Romanian, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Hebrew and German


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