Hotstar not working On wiFi – Learn How To Fix It Fast

Recently due to the pandemic, OTT platforms have gained popularity, In the many OTT platforms out there Disney+ Hotstar is one of them. A lot of people might have taken subscriptions to this application because new marvel movies and tv series were and are going to be released on this platform. Since the IPL season, a good amount of them is using Hotstar to watch the live match. At the same time some users are complaining that their Hotstar not working on wifi, now let us focus on how to fix it.

Hotstar Not Working On WiFi - Learn How To Fix It Fast

Hotstar API Issue With Wi-Fi

Firstly, to fix the Hotstar not working in wifi issue, we need to understand how the issue is caused.
Hotstar has an API that handles all the calls that go to the server, sometimes a Wi-Fi router tends to block that API call so switching to mobile data will help the API call to go through to the server and whatever content you are watching or trying to watch will be made available.

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How To Fix Hotstar Not Working On WiFi? [Step-By-Step]

  1. Changing the router DNS (The below steps are for the TP-LINK router).
  2. Login into the router’s admin page which is usually “” (check the back of your router for this URL and the username and password as well).
  3. Select the option that contains ‘Network’ on the left side.
  4. Under Network select ‘WAN’.
  5. Now there are 3 DNS Boxes.
  6. Preferably change the 1st DNS box to
  7. Save and reboot your router and the Hotstar not working in wifi issue should be fixed.

NOTE: The steps are similar for most of the Router, but the name of the options might be different for some routers so try checking all the options and feel free to explore.

If the Hotstar not working on the Wifi issue is still not fixed, then…

Clear the Hotstar app cache and force stop the app.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Select the Apps option.
  3. Search for Hotstar and select it.
  4. Clear the app cache.
  5. Force stop the app.
  6. Launch the Hotstar app.

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This should fix the Hotstar not working in wifi issue and now you should be able to stream any movies, series, or live shows that you want. If there are any queries related to this, please feel free to leave a comment so that we can get back to you and help you with the same.


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