How To Join Yammer Group?

How to join Yammer group?

Yammer is a business-oriented social media application. Although the application is social media, it is very much isolated from other social media applications out there. Yammer members have got to follow all the social etiquettes.

Yammer lets you connect the groups and communities easily

It enables you to connect a group created by your organization. To connect with Yammer groups, you just need to be a member or employee of the organization which is recognized by the Yammer.

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Steps To Join Yammer Group:

These are a few simple steps that you need to follow to be a member of the Yammer groups and communities:

Step 1:
The very first step to be a member of a group is to search for a group name and see whether the group is open to send a join request.

Join Yammer Group

Step 2:
After you have found the group of your desire, you just need to click on a ‘Join’ button.

Step 3:
You can join a group with invite link or can create your own group and invite others to join the group via a link.

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