What is Yammer Feed: An Abstracted Snap Of A Feed

What is Yammer Feed?

The Yammer feed is an abstracted snap of a feed that is usually specified to a particular topic. Yammer Feeds is to be posted on your community or on behalf of your community, hence it needs to be highly relevant. You can see an ongoing and most trending yammer feeds from a particular group, person, or a discussion over a certain topic. You are enabled to hit Like or to Reply on a particular thread or view a specific conversation.

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Note: The Yammer feed web view, may not support all the Yammer feed types as of application.

Yammer Feed

Yams. Does it sound childish? But it isn’t. It is official.

Yammer feeds are officially referred to as Yams. To all the communications that take place on the site is usually called as “Yams”. Yams consist of various feeds and compose a wide range of topics.

Feed is a way of grouping certain messages

A feed, in case you are not aware of, is a way of grouping certain kinds of messages. In order to post your own Yam, decide what you have to update, a question, link or event, and fill up all the necessary information and click on update. Know more about Yams on How to post Yams?

Your main feed is made up of the Yams from the people you’re following and the groups you’re in.

Your main Yammer feed is created up with other people’s or groups’ Yams. The other people and groups are those you are following already.

You are allowed to interact on Yammer feeds

People can react to your posts by hitting “like” or replying to your post. Every message in Your Feed has a button “more”. By clicking the button, you are allowed to view a thread of conversation or bookmark a thread.

You have authority to access other Yammer feeds

To the left of your screen, you can choose other feeds or other ways of organizing the Yams which show up on your homepage.

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You can add a Yammer feed for Sharing via SharePoint with the Yammer Embed.

There are different types of Yammer feeds

  • Group Feed   

Shows the recent conversations of a Yammer group.

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  • My Feed   

Shows each user their personal feed according to the topics that are liked, followed or interacted by the user.

  • Open graph object feed   

Starts a discussion about an object.

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