What Is YamJam: How To Promote YamJam?

The term YamJam may sound funny or childlike thing or even yummy. It is none of them, though. It is simply a questioning and answering platform. Yammer users post their queries and some expert panel answers their question.

Promote YamJam Events

It effectively encourages the healthy and effective discussion

It allows the Yammer users to have a healthy discussion on a topic. The people belonging to the same group and community can discuss a certain matter of the topic.

What Is YamJam

Yammer Power Hour or Yammer Time?

All these terms are one and the same. It was named by the Yammer itself. Although it got modified and is popular with the terms like ‘Yammer Power Hour’ and ‘Yammer Time’. Different organizations have different names.

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It needs to be hosted

There are several options for hosting an event. Being a session of questioning and answering, It needs to be hosted and organized by a certain party. Hosting procedure for the event is easy and simple.

Do YamJam need a promotion?

A big Yes. It is an event and hence needs to be promoted.

How to promote it?

The ideas are the limitations.

  • You can try creating an invitation link, or short but effective campaigning.
  • Discuss your YamJam idea with your colleagues and ask them to join you.
  • Even announcing your idea of YamJam in your Yammer feeds will make a promotion.
  • You can invite suitable people by making them aware via Private messages.
  • If the Yammer feed or post is in the discussion over the topic you are desired about, ask them to join it.
  • Ask your project mates to invite their referring who are suitable for the YamJam discussion.
  • Invite suitable people via email and newsletters.
  • Share the YamJam link in your relevant Yammer groups and communities.

While promoting it, do take care of the thing that you won’t spam.

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