Motorola One Power Vs Moto X4: Side By Side Comparison

This article will be focused on creating a comparison between the unannounced Motorola One Power Vs Moto X4 launched back in 2017. The One Power has been in leaks for a while now and we expect it to be priced similarly to the Moto X4. So, this article will help you decide which one of these is worth your money.

Motorola One Power VS Moto X4: Key Differences

Motorola One Power Vs Moto X4

The major difference between these devices, which you will notice as soon as you look at them, is the Display. The Moto X4 has a traditional 16:9 display while the new One Power has the trendy tall display with 19:9 aspect ratio and a notch.

Also, X4 has a smaller 5.2-inch screen compared to a very large 6.18-inch on the One Power. This also means the X4 has an overall smaller footprint. One more major difference we noticed right away is the processor; the Motorola One Power comes with a Snapdragon 636 which is significantly faster than the 630 chip in the X4. The Motorola One Power moves even ahead in the battle with a massive 5000mAh battery against 3000mAh on the X4. The new phone is also rumored to have better cameras.

Don’t let these shortcomings of the Moto X4 let you completely lose your interest in it. It might be old but still proves to be a great value. Both the devices come in 6/4GB ram options with 64GB storage.

Both share the same version of Android i.e. Android 8 Oreo and both support fast charging via USB Type-C. The X4 has stock android with some add-on Moto features and apps whereas the One Power is supposed to run on Android One platform.

The One Power borrows design elements from the mighty iPhone X and the gradient color changing back is simply copied from the Huawei P20. But the Moto X4 has a distinct design which Motorola built from scratch and it is apparently the best looking phone you can buy at this price. Also, the X4 has an IP67 rating which makes it dust and water-resistant which distinguishes it from any other competitors.

Motorola One Power VS Moto X4: Final Verdict

Choosing one of these two devices depends on how you intend to use your smartphone. If you care about modern tall displays and slightly more processing power, you should go for the One power. But if you have small hands or want a phone to use comfortably with one hand you’re better off with the X4. I personally dig the design of the X4 and find it more practical for everyday usage. There is no confirmation yet about when the Motorola One Power will be released or what the pricing will be. The Moto X4, however, still retails for 19,999 INR for and 6GB/64GB unit and 17,999 INR for 4GB/64GB unit.


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