RLZ Tracking In Google Chrome: How To Get Rid Of This

If you are here then you must be a Google Chrome user and wanted to know more about its RLZ Tracking. RLZ tracking is actually an encoded information which tells the Google from where the product has downloaded.

When you use Google to search for something in Google Chrome’s address bar, there is an RLZ tracker included in the URL address bar. RLZ provides Google with an ability to take records for making better marketing promotions. RLZ assign non-unique identifiable labels to the products of the clients and these are the labels which appear in the Google search bar.

How to get rid of RLZ Tracking in Google Chrome

If you have more privacy concerns and you don’t want to use RLZ tracking in the Google search every time then you can simply change the search engine. One thing you can do is that either you can completely change the search engine from Google to Yahoo, Bing or something else you like. The second thing you can do is add a new Google search engine again with a new ‘Query URL’.

First of all, we’ll see how to change the search engine from Google to any other.

  • Go to a new tab in Google Chrome and type ‘Chrome://settings’ and hit the enter key.
  • Under ‘Search engines’, click on ‘Manage search engines’.
  • Choose from the given default search engines. Click on the ‘Vertical three dots’ and choose ‘Make default’.

RLZ Tracking

Second, you can add a new Google search engine.

  • In the ‘Manage search engines’, click on ‘Add’ button in front of ‘Other search engines’.
  • In the search engine, type ‘Google’.
  • Type ‘Google.com’ in ‘Keyword’.
  • Copy-paste this “{google:baseURL}search?&safe=off&num=10&q=%s” query URL without double-quotes as shown below.
  • Click on ‘Save’ button.
  • Now, click on three vertical dots and make it default.

RLZ Tracking

This guide was all about what is RLZ tracking and how to get rid of RLZ tracking. Hope this article was useful to you. We share the latest technology trends, make sure you check them too.


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