TSMC Beats Samsung – Bought 51.5% Shares Of Global Foundry Market

Samsung is a South Korean multinational corporation with its headquarters in Samsung Town, Seoul. Samsung has a lot of connected businesses, most of them combined under the Samsung brand name.

TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) is getting a lot of demand as we are slowly progressing towards 5G wireless tech. According to the claims Nikkei Asian Review, TSMC is beating Samsung chip-manufacturing even after Samsung spent a lot of money to increase their production.

How TSMC Beats Samsung?

TSMC produces chips for a lot of tech giants in the world like Qualcomm, Huawei and Apple.

With 51.5% share of the global market as compared to petty 18.8% of Samsung’s TSMC is clearly the leading company in chip manufacturing.

TSMC Beats Samsung - Claims Nikkei Asian Review

TSMC CEO announced that they are continuously increasing its 5 nm chips and their 4 nm structure for the year 2023. They also want to risk 3 nm chips even though there is a pandemic all over the place. Clearly, TSMC Beats Samsung here.

But since the ban on selling of Huawei products on the United States its business is going to get adversely affected. It’s going to be an uphill battle for TSMC in the American market.

We sincerely hope that the information mentioned above is informative for you as TSMC is giving Samsung a run for its memory and with all the USA banning Huawei commotion it will be really interesting to find out how things turn out. What will Samsung to measure up and increase its global market? Guess we will just have to find out to know.


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