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How To Use Google Pay On Rooted Phones? [Android Guide]

Wondering how we can use Google Pay on rooted phones? Here, we made the simplest guide for you.

Google Pay is a service from Google that makes it simple and convenient to make online purchases. It rebranded from the name ‘Google wallet’ after it merged with Android Pay to form Google Pay. The App allows sending and receiving of money from mobile devices or PC at no cost at all.

It works just like Paypal in that you a sender or receiver needs only a smartphone and a working Gmail address in order to carry out transactions. This app can easily be download and installed from the Google Play Store app and used to make online purchases. However, it should be noted that users with rooted devices will not be able to use Google Pay. What can we do in this case? Let’s see.

Settings to Make to Allow Google Pay on Rooted Devices

There are a few tweaks that should be made to ensure successful installation of Google Pay on rooted phones.

It’s not that because the Google Pay application is not compatible with rooted devices but Google has imposed security measures to ensure that some Android apps (including Google Pay) are not supported in rooted phones.

This is the step by step process you should follow in order to enjoy the Google Pay services on your rooted phone.

If you try registering on your Google Pay on a rooted device, this is the error message that you will get. “Google Pay Can’t be used on this device”

  • To fix this, you will need to go to your ‘Settings’.
  • Select ‘Apps and notifications’. Tap on Google Pay app and ‘Force stop it‘.
  • Go to ‘Storage‘, tap on ‘Clear Storage‘ and ‘Clear Cache‘.

Turn Off All Communication Icons

  • Go back to your apps list on ‘All Apps’ and select ‘Google Play Services’.

This is an important step if you want to get Google Pay on rooted phones.

  • Go to app permissions and turn the following off: Call logs, Contacts, SMS and Telephone.

Re-run Google Pay and Register

Now go back to Google pay and register. If the instructions have followed keenly, then it will result in a successful installation of Google pay on rooted phones.


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