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Why Your PayPal Transaction Cannot Be Completed?

PayPal is a convenient way to send payment from one person to another. But sometimes your PayPal transaction cannot be completed due to some reasons.

PayPal has enabled businesses to be successfully conducted on the web as distant people can buy and sell goods and services. An email that is linked to your bank account is normally required for you to make transactions. Transactions are processed relatively fast as they can only take 2 to 3 days if you send funds to your bank account.

PayPal Transaction Cannot Be Completed

However, challenges are sometimes encountered in this process, which includes not being able to make a transaction. You might be trying to send money but then you get a message from PayPal that reads “This transaction cannot be completed.” There are several reasons as to why this might happen.

Reasons Why Your PayPal Transaction Cannot Be Completed

1. PayPal system not accepted by merchant

Not all merchants use PayPal. It is prudent to be aware of the payment systems your merchants deal with, as there are many PayPal alternatives.

2. Your PayPal account balance is insufficient

Whenever you are adding items to your cart during online purchases, always consider the additional costs that PayPal will charge you for your transactions. Having the exact amount of money as an item you want to buy online will not sail through. PayPal charges about 2.9% when sending money internationally. Also, an additional fee that varies depending on the country that you are in. You should, therefore, deposit adequate funds that cater to the PayPal fees.

3. Email address confirmation required

PayPal strictly requires you to verify your email to ensure that transaction is being by the right person. This is done by clicking an email link sent to you by PayPal after registration.

4. Your account has been limited

When your account has been limited, you will not be able to make transactions until you resolve the issues with the PayPal community.

You should, therefore, recognize the specific reason as to why your PayPal transaction cannot be completed. Then rectify accordingly.


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