Scout Web Browser: Mozilla Reveals Its New Voice-Controlled Browser

Google Chrome is one of the most desirable and leading web browsers in the market. But it’s rival Mozilla Firefox and Apple’s Safari are trying hard to compete.

In recent times Mozilla launched Firebox Quantum browser which gives heavy competition for Chrome to cope with the faster downloading speed and being less of a memory hog. In a report, it states quantum load faster than chrome. Mozilla works hard on Firebox Quantum constantly and consistently to bring more improvement in the near future.

Scout Web Browser – A Voice Controlled Browser

According to the latest update, Mozilla is working on a new voice-controlled browser project called Scout web browser,  where the traditional mouse, keyboards, and even mobile touch inputs are eliminated.

Scout Statement

This browser can be used to open the requested page, scrolling down the page and also to read out loud. This will be more helpful for visual impairment person to search and read the document. It is also useful to those people who have trouble using their hands.


To be clear, the project details are insufficient as it is in the initial process of development.

Mozilla’s key person made a statement in the CNet, “We use our internal all hand conference to come together, so we can plan and build for the future. We look forward to discussing these efforts publicly when they are further developed”.

According to the Statcounter, Google Chrome holds 58% of the browser market and Firebox is lagging at 5%.

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