Tinder U: A New Service For College Students Via Tinder

Tinder has announced a new service – Tinder U for all its users who are college students. It allows them to find people in the same campus to date, hangout or hookup. Currently, this service is available on iOS, accredited, not-for-profit schools across the US. You can use your .edu email address to sing up to this new service.

It’s quite obvious why Tinder would want to create a different service targeted to college students only. Most of its users at the time are young, go to college and already use Tinder to meet with people. So Tinder is trying to separate them to a new place where they will see only students from their school and other schools in the area. This will help make the process of finding and actually meeting someone less tiresome and you can meet a person with the same interest. Also, a new angle being tested here is you can also find a study buddy because Tinder has mostly been used for dating in the past.

Tinder U
We have also heard about Instagram testing out a similar feature. Where students from college can join virtual communities and meet likeminded people and can directly message each other. Tinder is used by students in the large majority so these attempts for students only might seem logical in the near future.

How To Use Tinder U:

  1. When you’re on campus, log in to Tinder U and register via your .edu email address.
  2. Check email and verify.
  3. Start swiping.

Tinder U is basically the same, except you will be swiping only on students from your school and other schools in your area. The UI looks slightly different with University badges on profiles. If you don’t like it though, Tinder has got you covered with a toggle to switch between regular Tinder and Tinder U.


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