How To Use Google Maps On JioPhone 2

In this article, I’m are going to share the step by step guide on “how to use Google maps on JioPhone 2“. As you know, After the huge success of JioPhone in India, Reliance has brought the JioPhone 2 for the feature phone users. The JioPhone 2 packs a horizontal display and a QWERTY keypad to correct the flaws of the previous device. With a mere Rs. 2,999 price tag and cashback offers, it has also become a huge hit among the Indian consumers.

Use Google Maps On JioPhone 2The 4G volte functionality and affordable prices of Jio data packs differentiate this phone from any other devices at this price point. JioPhone 2 runs on the KaiOS 2.5 which has the 2nd largest market share in terms of active user base. KaiOS 2.5 offers a lot of smart features to this feature phone. One of these features is Navigation via Google maps. JioPhone 2 is GPS enabled but the “Google Maps” application is not pre-installed. Just follow these steps to use Google maps on your JioPhone 2.

Steps To Use Google Maps On JioPhone 2:

  1. Open Jio store on your device. Go to the Utilities tab and scroll down to find ‘Maps’ application and install it on your device.
  2. Go to Settings > Network & Connectivity and find GeoLocation and turn it on to use GPS on your device.
  3. Open Maps application and you will be asked to grant Location access to the application. Tap on yes.

Now you will be able to use GPS tracking and Google Maps on your phone. If you have used Google Maps on an Android phone or iPhone, you should be able to get used to the application as the UI is quite similar. Just search for the place where you want to go and tap on Directions. Then choose Start to start navigation.

This article was all about “How to use Google maps on Jiophone 2“. If you want more information related to JioPhone 2, than must stay updated with our tech news section.


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