Why Jio TV Web Is Not Working – Website Under Construction

Recently we published an article about web version of JioTV which allowed millions of Jio users to watch Live TV and catch-up content for free. The users had to just visit www.jiotv.com and login to Jio account to make use of this service. Before the launch of JioTV web version, the app did not allow the use of screen-mirroring or screen-casting so this web version was helpful to people who wanted to watch TV on a big screen. But recently this Jiotv website was shut down. Read further to know why Jio TV web is not working anymore.

Why Jio TV Web Is Not Working

If you try to visit www.jiotv.com something like this shows up.

Why Jio TV Web Is Not Working

This is the answer to why Jio TV web is not working. The website tells us that it is under construction. But we had seen this website working absolutely fine when it was launched. A company as big as Jio could easily fix issues and bring the website back to life.

Some sources have revealed that the reason for why Jio tv web is not working is that Jio is facing ‘technical litigation’ issues. This means that law is involved in this matter and due to a reason of lawsuit, Jio has shut down this website. This is the true reason for why Jio TV web is not working.

As far as I can speculate, this lawsuit could be by some of the big players of DTH services. So that they can keep people from using this free JioTV service. DTH companies also charge extra money for the ability to pause Live TV but JioTV allows it for free. There must be some issue between the companies and then TRAI must have asked Jio to take down the website. All of this is my guess, so take it with a pinch of salt.


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