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Yalp Store – A third-party app store which lets you download Google Play Store apps without using Google Play Store. If you play around with your Android phone, root it or flash custom ROMs, you must know how annoying it is when you have to download all the Google services just to install apps on your smartphone. You have to create a Google account first. Then download all services like Google Play Services, Cloud Services etc. before it lets you download an app. But now we have a solution for this problem.

Yalp Store Apk Download

Yalp Store APK Download


Yalp Store is a free, third-party app store with the help of which you can download any apps from Google Play Store without even having a Google account. This article will provide you link to Yalp Store Apk Download and also explain the process to use it.

Yalp Store is a creation of independent developers from F-Droid.org and this is the best alternative to Google Play Store. Any other alternative on the internet either does not have the full library of apps or requires you to login to Google account. Yalp Store Apk Download is the only way to download all Google Play Store apps without any hassles.

How to Download and Install Yalp Store Apk

  • Go to Settings on your Android smartphone.
  • Go to Security.
  • Tick the option named ‘Unknown Sources’.

Yalp Store APK Settings

  • Download Yalp Store Apk file using this link.
  • Open a file and install Yalp Store.

How to Download Apps From Yalp Store

  • Open Yalp Store application.
  • You will see a dialogue with two options – Login with Google account or with fake Yalp Store account.

Yalp Store Login

  • Choose fake Yalp Store account.
  • Now you can search for any app and simply download it.


Best Features of Yalp Store Apk

  • Install any apps without Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.
  • No need to install GApps or any Google Services. You can download all apps without any Google Services.
  • Free App Downloads.
  • Works exactly like Google Play Store.
  • You can also update your apps normally just like Google Play Store.
  • Apps are filtered into categories like Top Apps, Paid Apps and Free Apps for user convenience.

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